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This site is intended to educate voters about elections. It started as a resource for Montgomery County, Texas, but we are actively looking to expand its scope.

Our unique vetting process, despite being one of the most comprehensive and transparent out there – is often times but a snapshot. A moving picture of an issue or candidates' performance is found in comparing the their actions, statements and activities by looking at not only our questionnaires, but also our recorded video interviews and forums, as well as several groups’ rating systems, and even more so by watching them over time.

Check back often, as it will be updated on a continuing basis, up to and after the candidate races and issues are decided, as new information becomes available.


Current Races

Below are links to contested races for upcoming elections.

9 May 2015 - Montgomery County Road Bond Election

Texas - Montgomery County - May 2015 Road Bond

May 9, 2015 Road Bond for Montgomery County uses

On May 9th, Montgomery County determined the fate of a $350 million road bond by defeating it in a landslide. While Montgomery County does need to invest in its transportation system, the projects that the bond proposal funded did not entirely line up with the planning studies that the county has conducted.

UPDATE 7/14/15: After continual prodding by citizens to remove the Woodlands Parkway(WPX), as well as use cash flow and/or short-term bonds for Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Montgomery County commissioners say no to road bond this November.

UPDATE 8/11/15: Despite pleas by former Judge Alan Sadler, as well as MCTP and Patriots PAC, all the commissioners disappointingly turned down a reduced plan (primarily removing WPX), conceived by transportation expert Ken Vaughn (MCTP Board Chair), blessed by Patriot PACs' Bill O'Sullivan and Benders' Landing HOA rep Penny Benbow.

In the same meeting, the commissioners did see fit to propose a 10% raise for themselves, even while being the highest paid in the state for a county over 100K in population and which has not gone over well w/general population.

County ISD indebtedness

The election covered several other important issues that were specific to portions of the county as shown in the Sample Ballot. These added to the overall citizens indebtedness within the county that include two more ISD school bonds in this election cycle, subtotaling approximately $430 Million($257 M - Montgomery ISD and $173M New Caney ISD). Coupled w/an expected $510 million Conroe ISD bond and a $92 million Magnolia ISD Bond in November, as well as an approximate $200 million jail bond, that would bring county indebtedness to $3.171 billion.

State ISD Indebtedness

The states' total ISD indebtedness, as a point of reference, is a staggering $112 billion!

Other Indebtedness

This does not include: Lone Star College(appx. $485+ million); the MUDS; nor the Woodlands Township, for those whom live there. The Hospital District is debt free, at this time.

An interesting Letter-to-the-Editor was penned by a member regarding the local county road, ISD bond and Woodlands Mounted Patrol wastefulness/indebtedness.

For complete details about the road bond, see Texas - Montgomery County - May 2015 Road Bond

Voting locations

Past Races

About Endorsements and Recommendations

Within each race, the Montgomery County Tea Party's 8-member Vetting Committee takes one of the following positions:

  • The highest level of support is indicated by "Endorses." This means that at least 75% of the Vetting Committee voted to support this candidate with an endorsement. An endorsement means that the Vetting Committee believes not only that the candidate is the best in the race, but also that the candidate will uphold Tea Party values and is fully qualified for the position.
  • The alternative level of support is indicated by "Recommends." This is granted if 50% of the Vetting Committee votes to endorse or recommend the candidate. A recommendation merely means that the Vetting Committee believes the candidate is the best in the race. In several races, 100% of the committee chose to recommend or endorse, but the candidate failed to obtain the 75% vote required for endorsement; thus, he or she is only listed as recommended.
  • The Vetting Committee reserves the right to vote for "none of the above," indicating that they are not willing to take a position in the race because none of the candidates meet the desired traits.
  • In some cases, the Vetting Committee may take the position of "Not enough information," indicating that research will continue.

Vetting Committee results are presented to the entire voting membership of MCTP, and a vote of 60% is required to release the information to the public. All 2014 races evaluated by the Vetting Committee passed this threshold.

For more information on our overall, transparent process, please go to the Election tab of our MCTP website.

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