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This site is intended to educate voters about elections. It started as a resource for Montgomery County, Texas, but we are actively looking to expand its scope. Check back often, as it will be updated on a continuing basis, up to and after the races are decided, as new information becomes available.

May 10 Special and May 27 Republican Primary Run-off Election Flyer. Individuals are welcome to download and print at their own expense, but they should add a statement to indicate who paid for printing on the flyer and if they exceed $100 in expenses they should report the information to the Texas Election Commission.


Current Races

Below are links to contested races for upcoming elections.

5 August 2014 - Special Election Runoff

Texas requires elected candidates to receive a majority of the vote in special elections; when this does not occur in an initial election, a runoff is held. On August 5, a runoff election will be held for special election to fill State Senate District Seat #4 that was vacated by Tommy Williams. the two candidates in the runoff are:


For complete information about this race, see Texas - Legislature - 2014 Special Election Runoff - State Senate District 4

Past Races

About Endorsements and Recommendations

Within each race, the Montgomery County Tea Party's 8-member Vetting Committee takes one of the following positions:

  • The highest level of support is indicated by "Endorses." This means that at least 75% of the Vetting Committee voted to support this candidate with an endorsement. An endorsement means that the Vetting Committee believes not only that the candidate is the best in the race, but also that the candidate will uphold Tea Party values and is fully qualified for the position.
  • The alternative level of support is indicated by "Recommends." This is granted if 50% of the Vetting Committee votes to endorse or recommend the candidate. A recommendation merely means that the Vetting Committee believes the candidate is the best in the race. In several races, 100% of the committee chose to recommend or endorse, but the candidate failed to obtain the 75% vote required for endorsement; thus, he or she is only listed as recommended.
  • The Vetting Committee reserves the right to vote for "none of the above," indicating that they are not willing to take a position in the race because none of the candidates meet the desired traits.
  • In some cases, the Vetting Committee may take the position of "Not enough information," indicating that research will continue.

Vetting Committee results are presented to the entire voting membership of MCTP, and a vote of 60% is required to release the information to the public. All 2014 races evaluated by the Vetting Committee passed this threshold.

For more information on our overall, transparent process, please go to the Election tab of our MCTP website.

About this Wiki

This site uses MediaWiki, the same software used to power Wikipedia, we have merely configured it to only allow members of the Research Team to edit text. If you would like to join our Research Team or submit information for us to consider including on the site, please contact us.


We are striving to keep all information on this site as accurate as possible, but we make no guarantees, and we recognize that information changes. If you believe that any information on this site is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact us.